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Cleaning Services Oakland

One-time or recurring.

Book by the hour.

Dedicated to an exceptional cleaning experience.

Another service asked to see the apartment before giving a quote. They did not show up. SpringintoClean, their rates were reasonable to downright inexpensive for such exceptional service. The online reservation system is intuitive and simple to use. Follow-up was excellent. The two ladies who did the work Jackie and Sarah, were delightful, efficient and meticulous. I will be telling all my friends!    

Maggie M.


Cleaning For Cancer

Spring Into Clean has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason to provide free cleaning services to cancer patients.

A portion of the profits from all paid cleaning jobs goes towards providing free cleanings for cancer patients..

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Worry-Free Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with your cleaning, let us know by 6 pm PST the day after your cleaning is complete. We'll send a team back to clean whatever was missed at no additional cost.

House Cleaning Services In Oakland

We provide housekeeping services throughout several cities in the East Bay. But we are proud to call Oakland, CA our home.

Recurring Housekeeping

​Recurring house cleaning services are ideal for those who would like the same housekeeper to clean for them on a regular schedule. Learn more >


One-time Deep Cleaning

Our one-time house cleaning services are great for those who do their own house cleaning and just need a little extra help a few times a year. Learn more > 


Quality Control

All our housekeepers are W-2 employees not gig workers or contractors. 

All employees read, write, and speak English so you can easily communicate with them.

We Speak English!

Background Checked

All employees go through a comprehensive background check. 

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

In the event of loss, injury or damage, we've got things covered.

Not Gig Wokers

How much time can we save you this week?

The average person spends 5 hours a week cleaning their home. You could do your own housekeeping, or you could do literally anything else!

Clean House, Clean Heart.

Taking care of people is what we do best. And that includes our staff. All of our staff are employees, not temps, contractors, or gig workers. When you book with us, you're supporting a local business that pays them a living wage plus benefits. We take great care of our people so they can take great care of you. 


Certified House Cleaning Professionals

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) created this program to provide industry standards for cleaning professionals. We use this program to help us train all our housekeepers to ensure we're cleaning your home using time-tested, industry-standard cleaning techniques.

How do I choose the best house cleaning service?

Our housekeepers don't just consider this a job - it's a mission! A mission to help others through cleaning. And they take great pride in this goal because they understand that your home is a special place that should be free of worry.


When you book our house cleaning services, we are committed to high-quality standards, which means we also include a clear worry-free guarantee. 

Why hire a house cleaner?

There is no argument that professional house cleaning services have a wide range of benefits from cleaning messes to reducing daily stress. (1) 


Our professional house cleaners go above and beyond to ensure your home is not only clean but comfortable and ready to be lived in. We believe that house cleaning services are more than routine maintenance; they should be a key part of making your home enjoyable. 

Having a professional address your mess can be life-changing. And, it can free you up to be more functional at other things in your life 

Stress-Free House Cleaning 

Spring Into Clean provides peace of mind to residents like you in and around Oakland with a variety of services based on your needs. (2) 

Whether you are a homeowner, tenant, landlord, or Airbnb host, we take pride in providing you with a consistent cleaning service with the highest standards possible. 

With a worry-free guarantee to ensure you’re happy with the cleaning services provided. You’ll never go back to cleaning the way you did before Spring Into Clean. 

Ready to schedule your cleaning services, Oakland? 

We are dedicated to providing you with a smooth and streamlined service, which is why we’ve removed the need for lengthy discussions or in-home estimates; simply book your cleaning services and select your desired schedule and our cleaners will take care of the rest. 

So if you’re still mopping floors and scrubbing grout, consider what it would be like to invest in something that improved your quality of life.

About Our Cleaning Family

Spring Into Clean is a family business created by wife-and-husband team Amber and Fitz. We take care of our Spring Into Clean family because we’ve cleaned houses, too.

When Amber was in high school and college, she cleaned houses with her mom. In college, Fitz worked as an after-hours janitor for his hometown Department of Parks & Rec. Between the two of us, we've cleaned everything from a bedroom to a concession stand at a ballpark.

We know what a tough job this is.

So when we decided to start our own company, we were determined to do it better -- better than gig work and better than traditional cleaning companies, too. It's our goal to clean like the big franchises but care for our employees and clients like a family would.

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Customized House Cleaning Plans with No Contracts 

We like to keep things simple. 

Circumstances can change and you may not need your home cleaned as often as you first thought, or you may want to change how often you need your home cleaned. You aren’t locked into a contract for cleaning services with us. You can request a new cleaning schedule, cancel services, or update your cleaning services at any time. 

With customized cleaning services Oakland homeowners, landlords, and tenants alike can enjoy the benefits of flexible house cleaning tailored to your home’s needs. 

No home is alike, which is why we believe in options. We offer one-time cleanings for special circumstances, as well as recurring house cleanings with a flexible frequency to match your schedule. 

Why use a house cleaning service?

Hiring a housekeeper can be a tiresome process. But going through a cleaning service like ours can make it easy.

  • We take care of the hiring and training.

  • You don't have to worry about any of the paperwork because you're not their employer - we are.

  • No awkward firing. If you don't like your housekeeper, just let us know and we'll send someone else.

  • You're helping your housekeeper get better benefits versus what they can get on their own.  

You’ll notice that we smile a lot.


When you work with us, we’re pretty sure you will, too.


Our eyes are smiling and, for your health and safety and ours, our smiles are behind masks.


The Answers You Need

Yes, your housekeeper will bring everything except the garbage can liners. If you'd like your housekeeper to take out the trash, just tell them where to find extra liners and the trash bins outside.

Do you provide the cleaning equipment?

We will send one housekeeper per home. You will get the same housekeeper each time we clean for you. This way, your housekeeper knows precisely how you like your home cleaned. From time to time, we may send an extra housekeeper so that there is another person familiar with your home as a backup in case your primary housekeeper is unavailable.

How many housekeepers will there be?

Your housekeeper can fold and put away clean laundry. We recommend using a pick-up/drop-off laundry service like Family Laundry in Oakland to have your items cleaned. You can schedule a pick-up online or through their app. Your laundry is cared for by Family Laundry employees, not contracted out. Laundry is washed at their own laundry facility that is closed to the public.

Can my housekeeper do laundry?

Yes! Cleaning inside the fridge can be included in the time that is booked - you may need to tell you housekeeper to skip other areas of the home though. Or you can schedule additional time for a specific cleaning to clean the fridge.

Cleaning inside the refrigerator can take a significant amount of time. The door remains open while we clean. You may want to consider alterntive storage options for any food that may spoil.

For safety, your housekeeper cannot move the fridge to clean behind or under it.

Do you clean inside the fridge?

Not currently. Right now we are focused on providing recurring housekeeping services for our residential clients. Click here to learn more about our general housekeeping services.

Do you offer move-out cleanings?

Due to the pandemic, we have temporarily stopped cleaning short-term rental units such as Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away or other similar properties.

Can you clean short-term rentals like Airbnb?

Yes! We put a lot of time and research into finding products that are not only safer but also still effective. We have to consider that our employees are around these chemicals all day long so our safety guidelines have to reflect that kind of extended exposure.

Click here for a full list of the cleaning products we use.

Do you offer green cleaning?

Having a clean home has a lot of health benefits. Whether you clean your home on your own or you hire a professional cleaning service like us, we recommend cleaning regularly to maintain a healthy home environment.

  • Your surfaces are free from dust, grime and bacteria.

  • Your allergies won't be as severe.

  • You will be less likely to attract ants or other infestations.

  • Lowers your chance of mold growing.

  • Get rid of odors.

What are the health benefits of a clean home?

We recommend cleaning your home regularly. Most of our clients use us either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. But the frequency of your cleanings will largely depend on how you use your home. If you have kids or pets you may need to have your home cleaned more often.


Think about what kind of cleaning tasks your home needs daily, weekly, and monthly. Then determine which of these tasks you're willing to do on your own. Consider how long it would take for the remaining house cleaning tasks to pile up. Cut that time in half.


For example, if it takes a month for the bathroom to start to make you feel icky, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the bathroom every 2 weeks.

How often should I have my house cleaned?

It will vary for each home. We've noticed that smaller homes can take just as much time per square foot as larger homes. People tend to pack in a lot of items into small spaces making it difficult to move around and clean everything. A good rule of thumb is each room will take an hour to clean. With the bathrooms and kitchens taking up to 2 hours each if they aren't cleaned regularly. 

How long should a deep cleaning take?

Check Price & Availability

No need to call us, trade emails, or schedule an in-home estimate. It's all online. click, Click, CLEAN!

How It Works

Every home is a bit different. That's why it's best to hire a housekeeper for a specific amount of time and allow them to get to know your cleaning needs. This way we can customize a cleaning program specific to your home.


Select the amount of time and frequency of your services. Use our online calendar to find an open appointment spot. 

We Clean

Your housekeeper will arrive in uniform and fully equipped. Ask them to focus on certain areas or clean as much as they can in the time they have.

Auto Pay

Payments are automatically processed using the card on file after your service is completed. You can even add a tip online!

Lexi L., Berkeley

They were professional, thorough, great communicators and I cannot wait to work with them more regularly after such a stellar first visit!

Greg H., Oakland

They did an immaculate job on our home. Not only did they provide a great service, but they were super easy to communicate with about the items around the house.

Kat D., Oakland

The attention to detail and spotless shine left behind are paired with extremely friendly cleaners. They are very trustworthy and do an amazing job.

Maggie F., Oakland

I'm a complete slob so I was hesitant to show my place to anyone...but they were so easy going and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone!​

Lin S., Berkeley

The cleaners were friendly and very efficient.  I appreciated their willingness to clean my office first so I could continue working while they cleaned.  Everything looks and feels wonderful!

Top-rated Bay Area Cleaning Services

Because we’re people-people we treat your home just like we treat you: with friendliness, care, and respect.


And that makes us just a little bit better at everything we do. 

Consistently One Of The  

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