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Envirox H2Orange2

This is our all-purpose cleaner. It's made from hydrogen peroxide and orange oils. It does a fantastic job of cleaning everything tough soap scum to polishing mirrors.

Envirox Degreaser

This degreaser is ideal for use in the kitchen. It slices through tough grease and food build-up. Works great in the oven, stove tops, range hoods, and cabinets covered in grease splashes. Again from Envirox, a company that pursues environmentally conscious cleaning, it's our go-to for grease and grime.​

Bio-Clean Hard Water Remover

Hard water stains can be stubborn! This paste makes it easy to gently remove those spots and leave a beautifully clear surface.​

Ecos Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

This oil-based polish adds a wonderful shine back to stainless steel appliances and it's readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-derived ingredients

  • EPA safer choice

  • GHS Compliant labels

Safety & Environmental Responsibility

We have to balance the safety of people, pets, and the environment with the efficacy of a cleaning product. All our cleaning products are EPA-registered. This means they have been tested and proven to meet specific criteria that make them safer to use.

Below is a list of products we use today. We may change our cleaning products from time to time due to the availability of the item.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Equipment

Our Cleaning Products

Learn more about the cleaning products we use.

Cleaning Equipment

Learn more about the cleaning products we use.

Cleaning Products

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The Answers You Need

Yes! Just let your housekeeper know that you'll provide the cleaning products. By providing your own cleaning products, you are assuming responsibility for any damages caused by those products. Please note that the only cleaning product we do not allow housekeepers to use is bleach.

Can I provide my own cleaning products?

Not a problem. Just provide your own cleaning products.

I have allergies to cleaning products.

No. Our products have a mild scent that goes away quickly. This way you can add whatever scent you like back to the home after we're gone.

Do your cleaning products have a strong scent?

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