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The term Deep Cleaning is very vague and can mean something different for each home. This is why we ultimately charge this per cleaner per hour. 

Use the booking form to enter information about the size of your home and any add-ons you may need. You will see an estimated price on the screen but your final price will be adjusted for the actual amount of time your cleaners are at your home. Typically, you can expect your final price to be within $90 of the estimate. 

If it will take more time to clean your home we will get your approval first. We recommend being there to meet your cleaners and do a walk-through before they start working and after they have finished to make sure everything is up to your standards.

It's also important to fill out the booking form as honestly and accurately as possible. This helps to ensure we set aside enough time to finish your home. The last thing was want is to have to leave because we have another appointment to go to.

Not sure what the square feet of your home is? Just google it. You'll most likely find that Redfin or Zillow has that information for your home.



Use the Add-ons section of the booking form to schedule other specific deep cleaning tasks if they are needed. We have separate these tasks from a general deep cleaning because not every home needs it and because these particular tasks take a significant amount of time to complete.

Some of the more common tasks added to Deep Cleanings are cleaning the shower doors, baseboards, inside the oven or fridge, and excess pet hair. Click the button below to see descriptions of each add-on.

Safety Restrictions

For safety, your cleaning team will not be able to clean anything that meets any of the below criteria.

  • Higher than 10 ft above the floor

  • 25 lbs or heavier

  • High likelihood to result in damage if moved

  • Antiques or other delicate items

  • Chandeliers

  • Move anything that is hooked-up to gas or water such as oven, fridge or washer/dryers to clean under/behind them

  • Move couches, tables or other large furniture to clean under and behind them. We will clean what we can reach with our extensions.

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