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Severe Stains

There is a difference between deep cleaning a restorative cleaning. Restorative cleaning is needed when a stain has set into a surface or the finish of a surface has worn down.

You may need to call a specialist to come in and fix it. It's also possible that a stronger chemical will work. But you'll need to provide your housekeeper with that chemical. It's up to you to know what surfaces are in your home and what kind of chemicals can be used on those surfaces.

Due to health concerns, we do not allow our housekeepers to use bleach.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Every home is a bit different but, in general, this is what you can expect us to clean when we clean your home. We prioritize the general cleaning tasks for recurring cleaning services. We'll rotate in the Deep Cleaning Tasks as time allows. If you need more time, you can always update your base time or add extra time to any booking.

Bedrooms & Common Areas

General Cleaning Tasks

  • Tables, counters, and shelves dusted

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Mirrors polished

  • Lamps dusted

  • Window sills and frame

  • Sofa cushions vacuumed

  • Floors, rugs, and carpets vacuumed/mopped

  • Stairs vacuumed and spot cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

  • Vacuum under sofa cushions

  • ​Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Carpet edges vacuumed

  • Bookcases dusted


General Cleaning Tasks

  • General dusting

  • Shower/tub walls and basins cleaned

  • Shower doors cleaned

  • Vanity and sink cleaned

  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures polished

  • Floors mopped, rugs shook out or vacuumed where possible

  • Toilets cleaned inside, outside, and behind

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Front of cabinets cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Grouting spot cleaned

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Vent and ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

Kitchens & Wet Bars

General Cleaning Tasks

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Outside of range hood cleaned

  • Top and front of range cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned and chrome/stainless steel shined

  • Fronts of all appliances cleaned

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Microwave wiped out

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Small appliances dusted

  • Empty full trash cans


Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Small appliances polished

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Interior oven door degreased

  • Baked on spills removed from the oven floor

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

I had an outstanding deep clean by Spring Into Clean! Communication was quick and easy, and the booking form on their site allowed me to get a price quote and customize the service to meet my needs. The team showed up on time fully equipped with all the necessary supplies, were easy to communicate with, and went above and beyond to get the apartment even cleaner than it was when I first moved in. Overall it was a great experience from start to finish, and I strongly recommend them.

Steven W


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Deep cleaning services for your home.

Deep Cleaning


The Answers You Need

It really depends on how much time we have. Your housekeeper will do their best to clean as much as they can. But because the client selects the amount of cleaning time, we can't guarantee that every corner is going to be cleaned if we don't have enough time to clean it.

Will my entire home get cleaned?

We will send one housekeeper per home. You will get the same housekeeper each time we clean for you. This way, your housekeeper knows exactly how you like your home cleaned.

How many housekeepers will there be?

Your housekeeper can fold and put away clean laundry. We recommend using a pick-up/drop-off laundry service like Family Laundry in Oakland to have your items cleaned. You can schedule a pick-up online or through their app. Your laundry is cared for by Family Laundry employees, not contracted out. Laundry is washed at their own laundry facility that is closed to the public.

Can my housekeeper do laundry?

Yes! Cleaning the fridge can be included in the time that is booked. Generally, we will wipe down the exterior of the fridge. If you'd like your housekeeper to wipe the interior surfaces, just let them know by either texting them when they are on the way or updating the notes for a specific booking date.

Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean the refrigerator. The refrigerator doors stay open while we clean. We recommend moving any food that may spoil to another location for proper storage. 

Your housekeeper will clean shelves and drawers in the fridge and freezer as long as they can access them easily and without having to handle any food directly, i.e. - produce that isn't in a plastic bag. Your housekeeper will only throw away expired foods if they are clearly molding. If you would like them to also throw away anything that is in a container that has expired, please let them know. Some clients reuse containers and we don't want to accidentally throw something away that was supposed to be kept.

Do you clean inside the fridge?

Having a clean home has a lot of health benefits. Whether you clean your home on your own or you hire a professional cleaning service like us, we recommend cleaning regularly to maintain a healthy home environment.

  • Your surfaces are free from dust, grime and bacteria.

  • Your allergies won't be as severe.

  • You will be less likely to attract ants or other infestations.

  • Lowers your chance of mold growing.

  • Get rid of odors.

What are the health benefits of a clean home?

We recommend cleaning your home regularly. Most of our clients use us either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. But the frequency of your cleanings will largely depend on how you use your home. If you have kids or pets you may need to have your home cleaned more often.


Think about what kind of cleaning tasks your home needs daily, weekly, and monthly. Then determine which of these tasks you're willing to do on your own. Consider how long it would take for the remaining house cleaning tasks to pile up. Cut that time in half.


For example, if it takes a month for the bathroom to start to make you feel icky, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the bathroom every 2 weeks.

How often should I have my house cleaned?

It will vary for each home. We've noticed that smaller homes usually take longer per square foot than larger homes. People tend to pack in a lot of items into small spaces making it difficult to move around and clean everything. A good rule of thumb is each room will take an hour to clean. With the bathrooms and kitchens taking up to 2 hours each if they aren't cleaned regularly.

How long should a deep cleaning take?

Not currently. Right now our focus is on recurring housekeeping and one-time deep cleaning services for our residential clients. 

Do you offer move out cleaning services?

Deep cleaning varies from home to home. Some homes have dust and clutter everywhere. Others need help getting into the corners that aren't cleaned as often. But the one thing that is the same from home to home is that deep cleaning requires more time than general housekeeping.


That's why we've designed our deep cleaning services to be time-based. This allows for the most flexibility. You simply book an amount of time and then tell your housekeeper what deep cleaning tasks are most important for your home.

What is deep cleaning?

What we don't clean

Some cleaning tasks are best left to specialized services because they require heavy machinery, special training, or must adhere to very specific safety requirements. Below is a list of cleaning tasks that we don't provide. However, we may be able to refer you to someone who can provide these services. Just check out our Shop Local Business Directory.

  • Mold - This is a big health hazard and needs to be handled by a mold and remediation specialist.

  • Stains on carpets, upholstery, clothing, and other fabrics - You'll need a specialist to come out and test the fabric so that they know exactly what chemicals to use on it. For laundry, we recommend soaking your clothes in Oxyclean then washing them. But your housekeepers are not allowed to treat laundry the stains for you.

  • Large grout areas - We clean grout by hand so a large area is best left to someone who has larger machinery and can deep clean it correctly.

  • Floor stripping and refinishing - We can clean sealed floors. But if the finish is long gone, you'll need to refinish them before you can clean them properly.

  • Walls - We can clean minor spots and spills from walls if the paint on those walls is designed to withstand moisture. Typically, that means only paint with a shiny finish, not a matte finish. 

  • Inside fireplaces - The soot and debris from fireplaces will damage our equipment. You'll want to call a chimney sweep or get a shop vac.

  • Delicate or antique items - Your housekeeper may choose not to clean something if they feel there is a higher risk of damaging it.

  • Outdoor areas - We are an indoor cleaning service only. No patios, decks, pools, etc.

  • Curtains, mini-blinds - We can lightly dust mini-blinds but any more pressure than this and we risk damaging them. We can't trust that the curtains were installed correctly. The last thing we want is the whole thing coming crashing down on our heads.

  • Custom home organizing - We will straighten your home and pick things up off the floor. But if you're looking for help with a larger, custom home organizing project, we recommend calling a professional home organizer. 

Deep cleaning usually means taking more time in each room of the home. Your housekeeper is usually working from top to bottom, left to right, and wet wiping all the surfaces they can reach.


The goal of general housekeeping is to do a little bit in each room focusing on dusting horizontal surfaces, picking up trash, and general tidying as they go.

Deep Cleaning vs General Housekeeping

In general, we estimate about 2 hours for each bathroom or kitchen. Then an additional 1 hour for the other rooms in a home. But this will vary depending on how much there is to do.

This is just a general estimate. Since Spring Into Clean is not choosing the amount of cleaning time, we don't guarantee we can clean everything in the amount of time scheduled. But we will do our best to clean as much as we can.

How much time should I book?

Two Ways To Schedule Deep Cleaning Services

We have two ways to schedule deep cleaning services based on how often you plan to use our services.

One-time Cleaning

This option is best for homes that just need help a few times a year. 

Add Extra Time

Add extra time to any cleaning on a recurring schedule.

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