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The term Deep Cleaning is very vague and can mean something different for each home. The services included with a deep clean also vary quite a bit from company to company. Here's what to know about Deep Cleaning services with Spring Into Clean.

General  Deep Cleaning with no add-ons sets aside additional time to clean all the easy to reach and commonly used areas of a home. The additional time is set aside because we're expecting have to deal with dust that has built up, spills that have hardened, or maybe there is just a lot of garbage or clothes we have to pick up.


Typical tasks that are include with Deep Cleaning are: Vacuum, dust, mop remove cobwebs from ceilings (up to 15 ft high) and dust fans in bathrooms. We'll also clean under small area rugs.

Read on to see what additional services you can select to customize your deep cleaning even further.

Deep Cleaning Extras

Use the Deep Cleaning Extras section of the booking form to add-on other specific deep cleaning tasks if they are needed. We have separate these tasks from a general deep cleaning because not every home needs it.


Some of the more common tasks added on are cleaning the shower doors, baseboards, inside the oven or fridge, and excess pet hair. There are several other options you can add. They are all located on the booking form.

Safety Rescrictions

For safety, your cleaning team will not be able to clean anything that meets any of the below criteria.

  • Higher than 10 ft above the floor

  • 25 lbs or heavier

  • High likelihood to result in damage if moved

  • Antiques or other delicate items

  • Chandeliers - unless very simply designed

  • Move stove of fridge to clean under/behind them

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