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How To Clean A Coffee Pot Without Vinegar

a red cup of coffee sitting on coffee machine

Lots of people get daily use out of their coffee pots. A quick clean with vinegar may be your go-to solution before you make your next cup. It isn't the only option, though. Learn better ways to get the appliance washed, or let Spring Into Clean do it for you so you can be sure you're pouring from a safe and sanitized machine.

Wait, What's Wrong With Vinegar?

While vinegar isn't the worst thing you can use to clean your coffee machine, it isn't the best, either. For starters, it tends to leave behind a strong odor that can hinder your coffee experience. You don't want that smell interfering with the way your morning pick-me-up tastes. It can also leave behind oils, which results in only a partial clean.

Start With Salt

Add salt and crushed ice to the carafe. Cover your hand with a cloth, and go to work scrubbing the ice and salt against the sides. It works to eliminate any coffee grounds and hard water stains. Dump the contents and then run water through to rinse it all out. This safe and effective solution won't harm you if any is left behind.

Beat Build-Up with Baking Soda

Baking soda is worthwhile for removing grease, oil, and other build-up. Put just one cup of lukewarm water into the reservoir and add 1/4 of a cup of baking soda. Be sure to give it a good stir so the soda can dissolve. Run your machine through a normal brewing cycle before dumping the dirty water out. Then, fill with water only and run it for a second cycle to fully rinse it out and leave it ready for the next day.

Load Up the Lemon Juice

Lemon juice offers an acidity that matches vinegar. However, it won't leave a lingering, overpowering smell after it's been rinsed out. Start by running your machine on a water-only cycle. Then, add a half-cup of lemon juice to the next session. Run plain water through one more time to remove any lingering scents.

Hit Up the Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is something people tend to have around their house for one reason or another. Add cleaning your coffee pot to that list. Pour one cup into the carafe, and then fill it the rest of the way with water. You may need to run a few water-only cycles to help eliminate any peroxide left behind, but it should have been plenty strong enough to wipe out any residue left inside. It's a cheap disinfectant solution.

Volunteer Your Vodka

You may not want to waste any alcohol, but hard liquor can actually work well to disinfect and clean appliances. If you already have it on hand, it makes it a great option. Pour a bit of vodka (or whatever you have) into the reservoir and add some water the rest of the way. Run it through one cycle before replacing it with water only for a second session.

Add Alka Seltzer

If you have some old Alka Seltzer tablets lying around, now's a great time to put them to use. These tablets combine baking soda and citric acid, which involve two of the previously mentioned options. Fill your reservoir with water and then drop 3 tablets in. Give it a good 15 minutes to allow them to fizz and sizzle. All those bubbles and movement will help release some of the grime built-up on the sides. Run it through a regular cycle and then give it a go again with regular water.

Skip the struggle and have one of our professional and trusted cleaners clean your appliance for you by booking a cleaning now. You can rest assured your coffee pot will be clean and sanitized, ready for you to make your next cup. Not to mention, you'll have a fully cleaned kitchen that invites you to sit and enjoy your morning brew for a better start to your day.


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