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Simple Ways to Banish Party Hosting Anxiety

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Parties can be a blast, but hosting can be stressful. And the more formal the party, the more anxiety-inducing it can be. While the unknowns may still make you uneasy, there are many ways to prepare for your party and reduce your hosting anxiety. Break free from hosting stress by planning ahead and making sure you don’t overlook these details, as outlined below by Spring Into Clean.

Food Everyone Can Enjoy

Whether you’re having an elegant sit-down dinner or a casual family-style buffet, paying attention to the minutiae about your food and how you serve it will make you a superstar host. Keep these ideas in mind when it comes to your dining choices and keeping your party within budget.

  • Not sure how to ask your guests about dietary restrictions or how much you need to do to accommodate them? The simple answer: it’s always better to ask. And don’t be offended if your guests bring their own diet-specific food with them.

  • Don’t fret if you have vegetarian guests. There are plenty of easy and delicious menu items you can prepare that they - and your non-vegetarian guests - will love.

  • Vegan meals require a little extra work, but they are not nearly as scary as you might think. You can choose from a fairly classic item like spaghetti bolognese but with a nut and bean meat substitute, or a straightforward vegetarian taco.

  • Are some of your party guests avoiding gluten? Not to worry! With a few small substitutions, you’ll be enjoying roasted garlic butter parmesan potatoes, maple-bacon-cranberry Brussels Sprouts, and more!

  • Cooking odors can influence atmosphere, so be sure to use your range hood to keep the cooking area well ventilated.

  • Make your lactose intolerant and vegan friends happy with amazing dairy-free desserts! You won’t be sacrificing any of the flavor. Promise!

  • Why not upgrade your kitchen before your next party? By staying within budget and making the best renovations with high ROI, such upgrades can even add to the value of your home.


Drinks are almost as important to a party as your food. Even if they’re non-alcoholic, they give guests a refreshing palate cleanser between courses. As a bonus, serving sips that are fun colors in glamorous glasses makes for great photos! Don’t forget about these details when planning your event.

  • Don’t be intimidated by a cocktail menu. Choose a few simple drink selections. It will reduce the cost of buying a bunch of different liquors and add-ins. Plus, it will be easier to learn 2-4 great cocktails than the entire bar menu.

  • Perhaps your party-goers are purists and would prefer beer, wine, or a straight whiskey. Learn which drinks go best with different occasions, and plan accordingly.

  • Include your non-alcohol drinkers into the fun with a few mocktail options. Again, don’t go overboard with selection. Choose one or two and practice your bar skills in advance.

  • Go with a classic punch. It is low-maintenance and everyone love it! You can provide both a clearly labeled alcoholic and virgin option, too.


No matter how good the food and drinks are, every party needs a source of entertainment. Start with casual activities that allow everyone to get to know each other before dinner. First, you’ll want to be sure your home is tidy and clean – call on Spring Into Clean to make life easier! Once everyone’s had a chance to get acquainted, try some team challenges or even board games. Here are some great ideas from expert party hosts.

  • Start the fun by sending out invitations. You can design your invitations in minutes using an online tool for free!

  • Decorate with some well-thought-out home decor ideas. You can go online for inspiration for any room, even theme ideas.

  • Parties can be great places to meet new people, but sometimes it’s hard to get friends from different social groups to mix. Encourage them to mingle with some icebreakers.

  • Take the party outside for some outdoor games! Try some cornhole or a classic round of limbo. Or get a giant version of Connect Four or Jenga to enjoy.

  • Break out the card games to keep people entertained - and engaging - indoors. You can use a classic deck of cards for the games everyone knows, or show off your grown up card game collection.

  • Get the kids and adults involved in some fun games like Would you Rather? Or Two Truths and a Lie. Bonus: no materials are needed.

The key to keeping anxiety away and being able to enjoy hosting your gathering is planning ahead and taking care of small details. By doing this, you won’t run into last-minute problems, which keeps stress away and allows you to focus on enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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