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Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

What is a deep clean?

The term Deep Cleaning is used a lot in the house cleaning industry. The problem with this term is that it's very vague and can mean something different for each home. The services included with a deep clean also vary quite a bit from one cleaning company to the next. This can often lead to your cleaning service falling short of your expectations because you thought they would clean a specific area of the home when that cleaning task wasn't actually included in the deep clean you ordered.

The main difference between a deep clean and a standard clean is time. Deep cleaning takes more time than standard cleaning. Deep cleaning takes more time because the expectation is that a mess hasn't been tended to in a while and will need more time to scrub, pick up, or vacuum away than normal. It can also mean more time is needed to get to areas of the home that don't get cleaned as often like the baseboards, doors, or light fixtures.

A lot of people think of a house cleaner getting down on their hands and knees with a small detailing brush to clean every nook and cranny of a home. That may be the case when cleaning small crevices like the grooves around your faucets or the corners of baseboards. But most of the time, it's a mess that is in very easy to reach places - there's just a lot of it. It's very common that the mess has been sitting there for so long that it we have to clean it a few times in order to remove it from the surface.

How often should I get a deep clean?

We recommend having your home professionally deep cleaned every 3-4 months - maybe more depending on how much use you get out of your home. If you have pets that shed or kids who play, cut that time in half and get a deep clean every 2 months.

Do I need to have my entire home deep cleaned?

Not all parts of a home get used the same. Areas like the kitchen and bathroom get dirtier than other parts of the home. You may only need a basic standard cleaning throughout most of the home and a deep cleaning of just one of the bathrooms. It's also possible that you just need a specific part of the bathroom deep cleaned - like the shower doors and tracking.

How much should a Deep Clean cost me?

Deep cleans typically cost 30% - 50% more than regular or standard cleanings. You'll also notice that many companies won't have a service called a deep clean but instead they have an initial clean or an occasional clean. These cleanings are essentially deep cleanings as well. The service will set aside more time to clean your home because it's expected that you've gone longer between professional cleanings so your home will need more care.

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