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Do I Need To Clean Before The Housekeeper Arrives?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The short answer is no, you don't need to clean up before your housekeeper arrives. But, there are three simple things you can do to help ensure your house cleaners can thoroughly clean your home.

Make It Easy To Reach The Mess

The easier it is for your house cleaners to get to the areas of your home that need to be cleaned, the better they can clean it. You don't have to Marie Kondo your entire home, but it's good to go through your home and make sure laundry is picked up, boxes are out of the way, important paperwork/mail is set aside, etc. This allows your housekeeper to spend more time actually cleaning instead of moving things out of the way just to clean.

Remove Nick-Knacks Or Fragile Items

Many of us keep little trinkets, decorations or other keepsakes on our fireplace mantles, shelves, and counter tops. These are great for a pleasing aesthetic but can make cleaning difficult. Many cleaning services, including us at Spring Into Clean prioritize safety above all else. This means keeping people, pets, and the things in your home properly cared for. If cleaning an area that has something fragile or too many items on it, cleaning teams may opt to err on the side of caution and avoid cleaning that surface. This way they don't risk breaking something.

That doesn't mean your shelves need to be empty. Cleaners will move things like lamps, a few picture frames or other small items if it's safe to do so and dust both the item and the surface. A good rule of thumb: All the items on a surface should fit on half of the surface.

The idea is that a cleaner should be able to move everything on a shelf to one side of the shelf. Then they can clean the empty side of the shelf. Once clean, they'll move everything to the clean side and wipe up the dirty side. If your cleaner isn't able to do this easily, you may want to remove some items from the surface. Once your cleaners are finished, you can put the items back.

Help Your Cleaners Bring The Right Tools

Tell your house cleaning team ahead of time if you home has any areas that would require extension poles, ladders or other unique design elements that may require specific tools or extra time to clean. Most cleaning companies will provide you a way to do this easily. At Spring Into Clean, we provide a place on our booking form for you to add these notes.

Spring Into Clean is a professional housekeeping service in Alameda, Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley, CA. We specialize in the following cleaning services:

  • House cleaning, apartment cleaning, condo cleaning

  • Apartment buildings

  • Co-living spaces

  • Offices

Go to for a description of our services or use our online booking form to get a free instant quote. We can also be reached via email at Monday-Sunday from 9 am - 6 pm.


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