Summary of Services


Residential cleaning services are designed for your house, condo or apartment. No need to decide whether you need a deep clean or a standard clean, we clean with the same level of detail each time we are at your home. All surfaces that can be easily reached and safely cleaned will be maintained. 

One-time or Recurring

Residential cleaning services may be booked occasionally as needed or set on a recurring 2 week or 4 week schedule. One-time/occasional cleanings will cost more because we expect to spend more time cleaning since more time passes between each appointment. Recurring cleanings enjoy a customized price that is based on the frequency of cleanings. The first cleaning is at the regular price and once we know how long it will take to maintain your home, we'll set your custom price starting with the second cleaning in your schedule.



Use the Add-ons section of our booking form to select services such as cleaning inside the oven or fridge, windows or to vacuum under the sofa cushions. The services listed in this section of the booking form are separate from your normal cleaning routine because they don't need to be completed as often.

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