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What Is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

It's exciting to build a new home or even to remodel a room in an existing property. Many clients are eager to see the finished project and to start using their homes. But, it's important to plan for proper cleaning to be completed throughout the process - not just at the end. In this article, we'll describe the three phases of post-construction cleaning services.


This is just as it sounds. It's a rough clean that's intended to get rid of the enough debris that more work can be done on a home. Typically, this cleaning step is completed after framing, electrical work and plumbing is done. Large debris and materials are removed from the site. General sweeping and vacuuming will follow. You'll want to find a cleaning service that has the ability to haul larger material away and dispose of it correctly.


This is the toughest phase to clean in. It requires a lot of work and specialized tools to complete. The cleaning service won't be removing large debris, but they will most likely still need to clean up a lot of dust or other sanded material. This will call for equipment like a wet/dry shop vac, heavy duty chemicals, and possibly even specialized masks depending on the type of dust they will be around. A quality construction company will usually do a decent job of this - at least decent enough that a professional cleaning service could come in and complete Phase 3 much easier.


This phase is scheduled a few days after construction is completely finished. This is to allow time for dust and other debris to settle. The cleaning team will come in and make the house really sparkle. They will polish fixtures, mirrors and counter tops. They vacuum the edges of carpets and give any hard floor surfaces a thorough mopping. Basically all the detail work that makes the home truly move-in ready will occur during this step.


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