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What Is Green Cleaning?

flower vase on side table of a green cleaned home in oakland

Have you ever taken the time to look through any of the ingredients on your cleaning bottles? Far too many contain harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment -- let alone you. In short green cleaning is cleaning products that are safer for humans and the environment.

What Do Green Cleaning Products Offer?

Everyone's definition of "green cleaning" may vary slightly. For some, the need for all-natural products takes precedence. You may choose to stick with lemon, orange peels, and vinegar to get surfaces disinfected. For others, organic products or those offering no artificial ingredients are worthwhile enough. No matter what you're going with, there are some overall characteristics that green products offer:

  • They do not contain any phosphates.

  • They do not contain chlorine.

  • They do not contain artificial colors or fragrances.

  • They come in some sort of biodegradable container or one that is recyclable.

What To Watch Out For

Don't just find a cleaner that says it's environmentally friendly. Even if the bottle says it's non-toxic, you still need to check the ingredient list to be sure. Many products are fake outs that seem like a good option but allow certain harsh chemicals to be included. You can check the label to see if it says "Green Seal Certified" as well.

Does Spring Into Clean Offer Green Cleaning?

We're not quite there just yet. We do make it a top priority to use chemicals, tools, and processes that are safer for our employees, clients, and environment.

For example, we use the Ecos Stainless Steel Cleaner to provide a spotless shine to your appliances. A quick look at the label and you'll see that it provides "thoughtfully sourced ingredients." It also indicates that it is biodegradable, made without dyes, parabens, phosphates, or phthalates, ph balanced, and never tested on animals. It's just one of the products we use that meets the mark for environmentally safe.

Why We Use EPA-Registered Products

We don't just boast environmentally-friendly products with ingredients that actually miss the mark (like many found on store shelves). Our products are EPA registered. They aren't just tested. They are tried and true. All of our offerings meet the criteria set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency to prove their safe use for every home -- and every person and pet residing there.

Our product list includes:

  • Bio-Clean Hard Water Remover

  • Buckeye All-Purpose Cleaner & Covid-19 Disinfectant

  • Ecos Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

  • Envirox Degreaser

  • Envirox Mineral Shock Bathroom Cleaner

Save yourself the hassle of searching through ingredient lists by booking a cleaning service with Spring Into Clean. You can rest assured that only the best products are used for a deep clean that boosts your well-being. There's no need to ask for a green clean, either. Our products all fit the criteria so you can get the safe clean you need, every time.


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