We love our pets and treat them like a member of the family. They bring us plenty of fond memories but with those memories come pet stains. Spring Into Clean's residential cleaning experts have put together the following tips for cleaning up those pet stains.

Use the following method to remove pet stains at home.

  1. Put undiluted soda water directly on the stain and then blot the area with a dry white towel. Repeat until the majority of moisture is absorbed.

  2. Then, place a fresh white towel on the area and place a heavy object over the towel to soak up the remaining moisture.

  3. Eliminate the odor by eliminating the source. Aerosol fresheners don't eliminate odors—they simply mask it. Remove the source of the odor by washing the area with a disinfectant cleaning solution, rinsing, and drying.

If you can't remove the stain and odor with these methods, contact a professional. We recommend hiring a carpet cleaning specialist if it's a stain on the carpet or rug as they will have the correct tools to remove difficult stains without damaging the floors.

More Pet Cleaning Tips

Pets will leave hair and debris all around the house. It's best to stay on top of the mess by cleaning up a little bit at a time each day. Don't leave it until it gets too messy.

  • Look for a vacuum with a furniture attachment to easily pick up pet hair around the house. Many vacuum brands have models with a HEPA filter to trap allergens.

  • Brush your pets regularly to reduce the amount of pet hair they will shed throughout the house.

  • During the summer shave their fur a bit to help them stay cool. This reduces the how much your pet will need to shed on their own to cool off.

  • Purchase a rubber broom to help pick up very fine pet hairs. The hairs will stick to the rubber broom and make it easy to sweep up - and you won't have to carry a vacuum all over the house.

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