Toilets can get pretty disgusting, especially if you let them go without cleaning for too long. We recommend giving your toilet a quick cleaning at least once a week. This may sound like a lot but if you follow the steps below you'll be able to clean your toilet in just a few minutes and you'll rarely have to deal with any really nasty set-in stains.

Get the Right Tools

Turn on the Fan

It's good to get the air moving inside a bathroom. It helps to keep it dry, which makes it easier to wipe off the dust and hair from the toilet bowl. It will also help with any smells from the toilet or cleaning chemicals. Opening a window can also be helpful if you don't have a fan.

Put On Your Gloves

Safety first. Find a pair a gloves that are reusable and will cover your hands and part of your forearm.

Soak the Inside of the Toilet Bowl

Start by pouring the toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl. You'll want to let this sit for a few minutes to really break down the mess inside. While you wait, start to clean the outside of the toilet.

Clean the Toilet, Baseboard & Floor

Dust likes to cling to porcelain. And when there is moisture on the toilet it can be particularly frustrating to wipe up all the dust. It can feel like you're just pushing it around instead of actually wiping it up. Always start at the top of the toilet and work your way down to the floor. Make sure to get under the lids. Once the toilet is dusted, dust around the baseboards and floor of the toilet to remove any loose dust or hair. These can get annoyingly stuck to your cloths as you clean and just put more dust back onto the base of the toilet, so get them out of the way early on.

Doing this first will also clean a lot of the other "stuff" off the toilet. Cleaning means you're removing any visible debris and soil from a surface. There will still be other germs and bacteria that you can't see, but we'll tackle that in the next step.

Disinfect the Toilet

Use the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to disinfect the toilet. Use enough wipes to give the whole toilet a shiny wet looking coat. This helps to ensure you've put enough of the chemical on the surface. Next, let is sit for a few minutes. Disinfectants need time to work on the surfaces they disinfect. If you wipe it off too soon you won't kill all the germs. Each product has different kill times (time the product needs to sit to kill all the germs) - usually between 3-5 minutes but can be up to 10 minutes. Read the instructions on your product label to ensure you're using it correctly.

Final Pass

Use the glass cleaning microfiber cloth to go over the entire toilet one last time. This towel has more tightly wound fibers and is the best thing to use on surface like glass, porcelain and pretty much anything shiny and slick. Think of this as a polishing step. You'll wipe up the remaining residue from the Clorox Wipes and any remaining dust. If needed, you can spray some all-purpose cleaner or even a bit of water to help wipe the residue off.

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