Cleaning the oven is daunting. There are layers of baked on food scraps, plus you have to hold the oven racks at such odd angles to clean it in the sink. Then you have the stubborn grease all over the oven glass not to mention you have to spend time leaning into the oven to clean it - that's a lot of work!

For those of you who are up for the task, we've put together a comprehensive process for you to tackle this beast of a chore with as little effort as possible. It'll still take you 45-60 minutes, depending on how much you use the oven.

Get the Right Tools

Two Ways to Clean the Racks

  1. Soak The Oven Racks in the Tub - Lay a couple old bath towels on the floor of the tub. Place the racks on top of the towels. Fill the tub with warm water and a cup of Dawn detergent. The Dawn and warm water will help to break down the mess stuck on the oven racks. Let the racks soak for at least 2 hours. The longer it soaks the less scrubbing you'll need to do. Then you can easily rinse everything down the tub drain.

  2. Or you can spray them down while inside the oven. Remove the racks and clean them over the sink using the sponge.

Spray on the Oven Cleaner

Spray the oven cleaner throughout the oven. Make sure to cover any vents so that the cleaner doesn't get in them. Spray the inside door and glass as well. Close the oven and let the cleaner sit for about 10 minutes.

Some oven cleaners will ask you to heat the oven to a specific temperature. This helps to melt/loosen any baked on spills and make it easier to clean off. Not all cleaners will ask you to do this so read the instructions first.

Clean the Oven Glass

Start by working your way from the oven door and then towards the back of the oven. This way your clothes stay clean as you lean into the oven. Wipe off the oven glass and door with the soft side of the sponge. If there are any stuck on messes, you can use the razor blade to gently scrape off what you can from the oven glass. It really doesn't take much pressure at all. Just enough to keep the blade on the glass - you don't want to scratch it. Before using the blade, make sure you spray an all purpose cleaner or mixture of dish soap and water (1 oz dish soap to 32 oz of water) onto the glass. This creates a barrier between the glass and the blade and will help protect the blade from scratching the glass.

Clean the Rest of the Oven

Start with the bottom of the oven and the walls of the oven. Then work on the top. Again, this way you'll avoid getting the mess on your clothes. You'll likely have a lot of baked on grease and food left, but it should be loosened up. Use the rough side of the sponge to scrape the stuck on spills. You can also use the razor and pumice stone to help. Make sure you have some lubrication like water or an all purpose cleaner on the surface when using these tools. The liquid will help you avoid scratches. Again, not too much pressure - just enough to keep the tool on the surface of the oven.

Wipe the Residue Off with the Sponge

Use the sponge or a wet towel to wipe off the rest of the oven cleaner from the oven. Then dry the surfaces off with another towel. Repeat if needed.

Scrub The Racks

By now, your racks have been soaking for about 30 minutes. You should be able to scrub them clean with your sponge and water. You won't need to apply too much pressure, most everything should come off pretty easily. Once the racks are clean, dry them off and put them back in the oven.

Voila! It's a clean oven in about an hour.

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