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How often should you clean your bathroom?

The bathroom is one area of the house that needs regular cleaning. Once per week may suffice for a few tasks, but others should be handled far more often if you want to use facilities that are sanitized and safe. Spring Into Clean can get you started with a few tips.

Basic Bathroom Cleaning Guidelines

The guidelines for how often to clean your bathroom depend on one question. How often do you use it? If you have a family full of people using one bathroom daily, then it definitely needs to get cleaned daily as well. If you have a guest bathroom that isn't used often, then you probably only need to tidy it up on occasion -- wiping down surfaces and eliminating dust. Clean out your toilet, sink, and shower daily if they're used by more than one person.

Top Tips for Tidying Up

When it comes to tidying up and handling weekly tasks, a few tips can help you get the job accomplished better. You want to be efficient and get the job done promptly to leave time for other important tasks.

Use Vinegar on Tough Toilet Stains

Vinegar is a common cleaning solution for a reason. It works! Use vinegar on any tough toilet stains that have accumulated, whether from hard water, mildew, or otherwise. A paste made of borax and vinegar may work better on hard water spots.

Use Baking Soda on the Toilet Lid and Seat

When you lift your toilet bowl lid, and then the seat, you might notice some suspicious stains on either side. Not all cleaning products work on these spots, since some can bleach the color or leave corrosive damage. Baking soda often works well on these areas. You can simply scrub it into the spot with a wet sponge and let it go to work.

Wipe the Mirror With Toilet Paper -- and Throw Away

The mirror accumulates dust, toothpaste spots, and more. Each time you notice a spot, quickly wipe it away with a bit of toilet paper. Make sure to throw it away after. Many people throw it in the toilet thinking it's safe to flush. If any hair was present, though, this can cause a clog. Throw it in the trash instead. If you have tougher stains that won't come off, or toothpaste is stuck, try a microfiber cloth.

Don't Forget the Trash

The bathroom trash may be smaller than the one in your kitchen. This can fill up much faster. Make sure you're placing a liner inside the can so hair and debris don't get caught in the bottom. You should take your trash out every few days to avoid odor and keep things from falling out and contaminating your floor.

Change Your Hand Towels More Often

If your bathroom has several people using it each day, you want to change out the hand towel that everyone uses to dry. Depending on how damp it gets, you may need to replace it daily. Otherwise, switch it out with clean linen every few days at the least. The same applies to any bath mats you have. They need regular washing.

Stay Up on Your Sweeping

You need to keep up with your bathroom sweeping duties. It may not need a full mop that often, but it definitely needs to get swept every few days. Hair, fingernail clippings, and other particles can accumulate quickly on the ground. Sweep regularly to help decontaminate the bathroom floor and stop stepping on everyone's filth.

If you don't have the time to clean your bathroom as often as needed, that's okay. Book a bathroom cleaning service through us and we'll be happy to help. A professional clean ensures a sanitized restroom that is safe to use. We've got you covered.


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