Professional tips to get your home in order a little bit at a time so that you're not overwhelmed through the holidays.

The holidays are here and it seems like there just isn't enough time to do everything. Between work, family, school plays, friends, cooking, and then cleaning - this time of year just feels like a blurr. The key: Don't procrastinate and clean a little at a time.

Start with the Bathrooms

This is an area of the home that can make a real impression on guests. You've got kids, pets, a demanding job - your guests will understand if your isn't perfect. But, if they walk into a dirty bathroom, you're guests will feel very uncomfortable. If you end up needing to clean the bathrooms a second time just before guests arrive, that's OK. The mess will be easier to clean up because you cleaned recently.

You don't need to deep clean - you probably don't have time to deep clean anyways. Focus instead on the the areas of the bathroom that stand out the most: floors, sink, counter tops, and toilet as well as any shiny areas like the faucet, shower head and door handles. When these areas sparkle, it makes the entire room look cleaner. These are also areas that people tend to touch with their hands do disinfecting them and making them sparkle is a must.

Common Areas

Then move on to the areas of the home that your guests will see and use. This would include the entry ways, stairs, hallways, etc. The focus should be on de-cluttering the space and dusting. It's a great time to go through hallway closets and make room for guests' coats as well. Don't forget the front door. Sweep the walkway and dust the door. First impressions count!

Floors & Baseboards

Next dust baseboards, vacuum and spot mop the floors. Remember, this is meant to be cleaning on limited time. So as you vacuum or sweep, keep on the lookout for spills or other spots that need to be wiped up. Use a gentle all-purpose cleaner for hard floors like wood, tile or laminate. If you have the time, mopping the entire floor is always best, but spot cleaning will get you through the holidays.


Lastly, dust and organize the bedrooms. Again, focus on creating more space for overnight guests and cleaning areas that hands will touch, like light switches. If you don't have overnight guests, you can probably skip this. But you never know who will end up staying over during the holidays so we suggest better to be prepared.

Now that the house is clean, it's just matter of taking a few minutes each day to clean up small messes as they occur. This way your home stays clean and you don't feel exhausted.

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