You're working from home, school is cancelled - This is a great time to rally the troops and get some cleaning done! This is what my dad would call good family time. I usually dreaded this kind of time when I was a kid but that's because my parents made everything feel like chores/work/responsibility. There is a way that you can make cleaning fun for the whole family though. This article will describe how to get the whole family mobilized. Then download our free Family Daily Cleaning Chart and have some fund with the cleaning tasks.

Focus on the daily cleaning tasks that will make the weekly or monthly cleanings easier

Homes feel messier when certain things or areas are left neglected. Often times, cleaning just these things will make your home already feel much more clean. Each of the below items are daily cleaning tasks that can be completed in less than 15 minutes a day and will make your home feel much less cluttered and much easier to maintain.

  • Trash. The person responsible for this task should make it their mission to go through the home each day and pick up the trash. They are also responsible for taking out the garbage and recycling on trash day.

  • Straightening & dish collection. Go through the home and straighten items that are out of place or that look sloppy. This is usually pillows on the sofa, decorations on tables, pet dishes, video game controllers, picking up toys, etc. While you're going through the home, be on the lookout for dishes that need to be washed. Bring those dishes to the kitchen sink so they can be washed.

  • Dishes. This chore can feel daunting. So, grab your kitchen buddy (the one who is responsible for sweeping the kitchen floors) and have them dry dishes as you wash them. To help make the process faster, put as much as you can in the dishwasher. Just scrape the food from the plates and bowls and put it in the machine. The dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand and helps to sanitize as it cleans. Not everything can be put in the dishwasher. For those items, clean by hand and give to your kitchen buddy to dry and put away.

  • Sweep kitchen floor & dry the dishes. Your job is to keep the kitchen floor clear of food crumbs. The easiest way to do this is to have a broom and dust pan handy. It makes sweeping the floors quick and easy. Then, once a week, you can mop the floor. You should also help dry and put away the dishes each night. Work with your kitchen buddy (the one responsible for washing the dishes) to make this task faster and more fun.

  • Toilets & sinks. It's important to stay on top of these areas because when these areas look dirty, it can make the rooms feel much dirtier than they really are. This is also where a lot of bacteria resides. Bathroom sinks are a basin for fecal matter from washing your hands after you use the bathroom. Keep a container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (This is an EPA approved disinfectant) in each bathroom for easy access. Your goal should be to disinfect sink handles and basins as well as the toilet handle and seat each day.

Reward Completed Work

When something gets done, reward it! This is especially important to keep young kids engaged with the chores. Allow them to place a sticker on the chart each time they finish their task. For older kids, tie the cleaning task to something like their allowance or something else that they find rewarding.

Organizing the Troops

It's not enough to simply hand out the responsibilities and hope they get done. You have to make sure each person understands how to do their job correctly and that they have the right tools for the job. Read our article The 5 Essential House Cleaning Supplies for a list of the cleaning supplies to have in order to finish every chore on the chart.

We recommend setting aside 30 minutes a day to clean as a family. This ensures everyone does their job. Once each person is used to doing the task, it becomes easier to let them off the leash and clean unsupervised. But let's face it - cleaning is more fun with the family. Make a playlist and crank up the tunes while you clean!

We also recommend giving the easier tasks to the youngest and the tougher, dirtier tasks to the adults. It typically takes about 28 repetitions to create a habit. So if you can go a full month completing these tasks daily, you'll be building some great habits that will last a lifetime.

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