Discounts For Your Customers

Here's How It Works

We will create a custom promo code for you to give out. This code will give your clients $50 off any two cleanings with us. 

The best part, this is completely free to you. We don't charge you anything, and you don't have to give out any discounts on your own services. We just appreciate the referral business.

Promote Your Code However You'd Like

It's your code, use it however you want to. Below are some examples of how just some of our partners have used this offer: 

  • Get $100 off house cleaning services when you join our mailing list

  • Save $100 off house cleaning services with your free estimate

  • $100 off house cleaning services just for coming into our office

  • Finish your remodel project with us and we'll give you $100 off house cleaning services through Spring Into Clean.

If this sounds interesting to you, please click the button below to request your own promo code. We'll email you once your code has been activated in our system (usually just takes a day).

What Kinds Of Businesses Do We Work With?​

Spring Into Clean partners will a variety of businesses: realtors, plumbers, staging companies, home delivery services of several kinds. 

We are happy to work with you to customize what a partnership could look like. For our realtors, we like to help them by promoting their listings after we've cleaned the homes. It's a great two way partnership

How Much Does It Cost?​

We don't charge anything to have a custom promo code created. There are no ongoing fees for being a partner with Spring Into Clean. We just appreciate the referral business and are always happy to reciprocate.

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