Summary of Services


One-time or occasional cleaning services are often referred to ad deep cleaning. We don't like to use the terms deep cleaning or standard cleaning because it's just too vague and confusing. Instead, we clean all the same surfaces each time we clean your home. Occasional cleaning will cost more than cleanings on a recurring schedule because we expect to spend more time cleaning because we are at your home less frequently.

What If My Home Is Really Dirty?


If you're looking around your home and you think it could be described as trashed or a pig's sty simply select the Add-on titled Extra Time. This will add two additional hours of cleaning to your booking. This is two labor hours, which means that you will have either one cleaner for 2 hours or two cleaners for 1 hour.

Safety Restrictions

For safety, your cleaning team will not be able to clean anything that meets any of the below criteria.

  • Higher than 10 ft above the floor

  • 25 lbs or heavier

  • High likelihood to result in damage if moved

  • Antiques or other delicate items

  • Chandeliers

  • Move anything that is hooked-up to gas or water such as oven, fridge or washer/dryers to clean under/behind them

  • Move couches, tables or other large furniture to clean under and behind them. We will clean what we can reach with our extensions.

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