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Flat-Rate Whole Home Cleaning

This is the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it cleaning plan. Pay a simple, flat-rate price and we'll monitor your whole home. Recurring cleanings include rotating deep cleaning.

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Hourly Housekeeping

Book a housekeeper for a specific amount of time. You can tell them which areas to prioritize and which areas to skip. They will clean as much as they can in the time they've got.

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Move-Out & Move-in Cleaning

Detailed cleaning of your empty home to get it ready for the next tenant. Or have your home cleaned before moving in. Our cleaning checklist will impress even the strictest landlords.

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Cleaning is hard.
Booking the service shouldn't be.

Janet T., Oakland


Spring Into Clean is the easiest local cleaning business I've found to book with. No need for back-and-forth phone calls, everything is taken care of right on their site and the quality of their work is amazing. I'm really glad to have come across them!

Flat-Rate vs Hourly 

Hourly Housekeeping


You choose the amount of time to book. We bring all the cleaning tools. You tell your housekeeper which areas of the home to focus on. They will clean as much as they can in the time they have.

Flat-Rate Home Cleaning


Select the number and types of rooms to be cleaned. We bring all the tools. Your housekeepers will clean until the job is done or until they reach their maximum time limit for the job. The max time is determined by the number and types of rooms selected.

The first cleaning takes longer because it is a deep cleaning. If you've scheduled recurring Flat-Rate cleanings, future cleanings take less time and are discounted depending on how often we clean for you. We'll deep clean your home a little bit at a time during each visit. 

Marble Floor

Tile & Grout

Is your grout starting to show signs of build-up?


We can help with gentle removal of minor stains! And if there's severe build-up or a large area to clean, we have a great grout cleaning specialist in our network.

Deep Cleaning Services

All one-time cleanings are deep cleanings. And the first cleaning in a recurring schedule is also a deeper cleaning. We'll then monitor the home for you and rotate which areas get deep cleaned during each visit. 

Steven W., Oakland

I had an outstanding deep clean by Spring Into Clean! Communication was quick and easy, and the booking form on their site allowed me to get a price quote and customize the service to meet my needs. The team showed up on time fully equipped with all the necessary supplies, were easy to communicate with, and went above and beyond to get the apartment even cleaner than it was when I first moved in. Overall it was a great experience from start to finish, and I strongly recommend them.


Provide a living wage cleaning service in the Bay area

We believe housekeepers provide an essential service and that they deserve to be paid a living wage. If you hire us, you agree!


We've carefully designed everything from employee compensation to company culture to ensure everyone feels financially secure and happy to work here.

Because we work so hard to support our employees, they in turn work hard at their jobs. Which means our clients get a home cleaning experience that's truly wonderful. 

Just check out the work we did on that oven!

What are the health benefits of a clean home?

Having a clean home has a lot of health benefits. Whether you clean your home on your own or you hire a professional cleaning service like us, we recommend cleaning regularly to maintain a healthy home environment.


  • Your surfaces are free from dust, grime and bacteria.

  • Your allergies won't be as severe.

  • You will be less likely to attract ants or other infestations.

  • Lowers your chance of mold growing.

  • Get rid of odors.

How often should I have my house cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your home regularly. Most of our clients use us either every 2 weeks aor every 4 weeks. But the frequency of your cleanings will largely depend on how you use your home. If you have kids or pets you may need to have your home cleaned more often.


Think about what kind of cleaning tasks your home needs daily, weekly and monthly. Then determine which of these tasks you're willing to do on your own. Consider how long it would take for the remaining house cleaning tasks to pile up. Cut that time in half.


For example, if you don't like cleaning your bathroom, you'll want to hire a cleaning service for those areas. Think about how long it takes before you start to feel like the bathroom looks gross. If it takes a month for the bathroom to start to make you feel icky, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the bathroom every 2 weeks.

When should I have my home deep cleaned?

If you're the type of household that cleans regularly, you may want to supplement your efforts by scheduling a professional cleaning service to come in and perform a one-time deep clean a few times a year.


We recommend deep cleaning every 3-4 months. Most of the areas you will deep clean don't usually get much use. They are usually things that are out of site like baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures on the walls, under your sofa cushions, etc. So they will get dirty at a slower rate than the rest of the home. But still, you don't want to ignore these areas for too long as they can have long-lasting affects to the overall health of your environment.

How long should a deep cleaning take?

It will vary for each home. We've noticed that smaller homes usually take longer per square foot than larger homes. People tend to pack in a lot of items into small spaces making it difficult to move around and clean everything.

A good rule of thumb is each room will take an hour to clean. With the bathrooms and kitchens taking up to 2 hours each if they aren't cleaned regularly.


Cleaning Checklist

Every home is a bit different but, in general, this is what you can expect us to clean. We'll prioritize the general cleaning tasks and when there's time, we'll rotate in a few deep cleaning tasks. 

Bedrooms & Common Areas

Completed Each Time We Visit

  • Tables, counters, and shelves dusted

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Mirrors polished

  • Lamps dusted

  • Window sills and frame

  • Sofa cushions vacuumed

  • Floors, rugs, and carpets vacuumed/mopped

  • Stairs vacuumed and spot cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

  • Vacuum under sofa cushions

  • ​Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Carpet edges vacuumed

  • Bookcases dusted


Completed Each Time We Visit

  • General dusting

  • Shower/tub walls and basins cleaned

  • Shower doors cleaned

  • Vanity and sink cleaned

  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures polished

  • Floors mopped, rugs shook out or vacuumed where possible

  • Toilets cleaned inside, outside, and behind

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Front of cabinets cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Grouting spot cleaned

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Vent and ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

Kitchens & Wet Bars

Completed Each Time We Visit

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Outside of range hood cleaned

  • Top and front of range cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned and chrome/stainless steel shined

  • Fronts of all appliances cleaned

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Microwave wiped out

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Small appliances dusted

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Small appliances polished

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Interior oven door degreased

  • Baked on spills removed from the oven floor

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

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