Home Cleaning

Recurring Cleanings

Recurring cleaning services are ideal for those who want their homes maintained on a set schedule. Cleanings can be booked weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.

Recurring cleanings are right for you if:

  • You want the same housekeepers each time so that they know your home and can get it cleaned just the way you like.

  • You like having a set schedule for your cleanings.

  • You would like a customized price for your cleaning services. Clients who schedule recurring house cleaning services typically see discounts of 5% - 30% from their initial cleaning. This will depend largely on the frequency of the service and level of cleaning required.

One-time Cleanings

We do offer one-time house cleaning services. These are typically more expensive as we expect there to be more cleaning to do since we aren't there on a regular basis to maintain the home. It is a thorough cleaning of your home. The intent is to get your home back into maintenance mode so that either you can stay on top of it until the next time you need us. This is a good solution for you if you clean your home regularly and just need some help with the tougher messes. We recommend scheduling a one-time cleaning of your house, apartment, or condo at least once every 4 months. If you're the type of person who tends to put off cleaning because you get no sense of enjoyment or relief from it, we definitely recommend hiring a cleaning service to come in regularly to help out. You'll feel better, you'll like your home better and you'll be healthier.

Cleaning Service Add-ons

Most deep cleaning tasks are included with your recurring house cleaning service, but there are some tasks that we charge extra for because they take a significant amount of extra time. These tasks are listed in the Add-ons section of our booking form and include things like: inside the oven, inside the fridge or detailed window cleaning.

Why We're One Of The Best Bay Area House Cleaning Companies.

Yes! We are thorough. Yes! We have a Worry-free Guarantee. Our course! We're easy to book. But that's not what makes us...well...us. What sets us apart from the other cleaning companies in the bay area are our people. We invest a lot into hiring and retaining people who are courteous and genuinely care about helping others. We focus on this trait above all else because you rely on us to send you trustworthy, hard-working professional housekeepers.

Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning

You've probably heard the terms deep cleaning or standard/general cleaning quite a bit. These terms are pretty commonplace within the house cleaning industry. The main different between these two services is that deep cleaning takes longer and costs more because your housekeepers are usually cleaning additional areas of your home. Things like the ceiling fan, baseboards, under sofa cushions, window blinds, etc. These are areas that are usually used less frequently or in areas of the home that just aren't noticed as often.

A lot of people will have their homes deep cleaned twice a year and have standard cleaning services performed the rest of the time. But that means dust, oils and other messes build up in your home for 6 months at a time! It's our philosophy that a home should be deep cleaned in sections and then stagger when each section gets deep cleaned. This allows you to clean thoroughly more often, resulting in less time for messes to build-up. 

We don't distinguish between a deep clean or a standard clean. We clean with the same level of detail each time we visit. We'll rotate which areas get the extra attention based on how much use they get. This allows us to stay on top of the mess better resulting in more efficient cleaning, lower long-term costs to our clients, and a more healthy environment. This rotating deep cleaning service is included in the cost of recurring housekeeping services.

Fair Price Promise 1 Futura.png

The needs of your home will change over time. You'll redecorate, maybe donate items to free up more space around you, or maybe you get a new family member or pet. All these things will affect the amount of time it takes to clean for you.

Our Fair Price Promise is to regularly review the costs associated with cleaning your property. If we notice that there is a consistent change in our cleaning times, while still getting to all the cleaning tasks, we'll adjust the price of your cleaning to reflect the more accurate amount of time we spend at your home. Price decreases will be applied on the next scheduled cleaning. We'll let you know 30 days before any price increases take effect.

Cleaning Checklist

Every home is a bit different but, in general, this is what you can expect us to clean. We'll prioritize the general cleaning tasks and when there's time, we'll rotate in a few deep cleaning tasks. This helps to ensure no place in your home stays dirty for too long!

Bedrooms & Common Areas

Completed Each Time We Visit

  • Tables, counters, and shelves dusted

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Mirrors polished

  • Lamps dusted

  • Window sills and frame

  • Sofa cushions vacuumed (top)

  • Floors, rugs, and carpets vacuumed/mopped

  • Stairs vacuumed and spot cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Sofa cushioned vacuumed (between & under)

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Carpet edges vacuumed

  • Bookcases dusted


Completed Each Time We Visit

  • General dusting

  • Shower/tub walls and basins cleaned

  • Shower doors cleaned

  • Vanity and sink cleaned

  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures polished

  • Floors mopped, rugs shook out or vacuumed where possible

  • Toilets cleaned inside, outside, and behind

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Front of cabinets cleaned

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Grouting spot cleaned

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Vent and ceiling fans dusted

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)


Completed Each Time We Visit

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Front of cabinets spot cleaned. Handles wiped.

  • Outside of range hood cleaned

  • Top and front of range cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned and chrome/stainless steel shined

  • Fronts of all appliances cleaned

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Window sills and frame

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Microwave wiped out

  • Doors and door frames dusted and spot cleaned

  • Small appliances dusted

  • Empty full trash cans

Completed On A Rotating Schedule

  • Small appliances polished

  • Baseboards dusted and spot cleaned

  • Interior oven door degreased

  • Baked on spills removed from the oven floor

  • Window tracks vacuumed out, blinds dusted (except mini-blinds)