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Our safety protocols as well as a helpful Self-Check tool from the CDC.

COVID-19 Safety

Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our employees and our clients is our top priority. That's why we closely monitor CDC guidelines and update our policies and training accordingly.

Here are the main protocols we follow today. 

  • All employees must show proof of vaccination. 

  • They also complete daily health checks for fevers and other symptoms that the CDC has recommended we monitor.

  • Employees wear masks and gloves at all times when working.

  • We provide at-home test kits for our employees.

  • Employees drive their own vehicles to work so that they can social distance and avoid being in a small space with anyone else for extended periods of time.

Below is a link to the CDC's online Self-Checker tool. This is a great tool, but should also be used along with the advice of a healthcare professional that is familiar with your specific health history. If you should quarantine, or if you believe that you pose a risk to your housekeepers, let us know and we'll work with you to reschedule your service.

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