Multi-step, In-Depth Screening of Each Cleaner

You are relying on us to ensure the people cleaning your homes can be trusted. Because of this, we take our hiring very VERY seriously. Read on to learn about how we screen each cleaner.

The Interview Process

All our cleaners go through a multi-step interview process to ensure we have friendly, experienced cleaners you can trust in your home.

We start with a phone interview to help us determine minimum requirements and ability to communicate effectively. If we like what we hear, we'll then call their personal and professional references. 

If the references say good things, we'll invite the candidate to spend the day cleaning with us. This gives our team a chance to make sure the candidate knows how to clean and will be a great addition to the team.

Finally, we'll do a comprehensive background check and if everything checks out, the candidate is invited to join our family.


Background Checks

We run much more comprehensive background checks on our cleaners AND we run them monthly to ensure they are consistently upholding a squeaky clean lifestyle. Here's what we look at in each background check:

  • SSN Trace + Associated Counties

  • National Criminal Databases Search

  • Sex Offender List Search

  • Domestic Watch List Search

  • 7-Year County Criminal Court Search

  • Motor Vehicle Records Search


Insured to Protect Your Valuables

All cleaners are insured. If an accident occurs and your things are damaged, let us know and we'll work with you to make it right.

Peace of Mind

We have our very own Risk & Fraud expert who helps us identify behaviors that are most indicative of stealing or unethical actions. We whole-heartedly believe that if you don't let the party animals in, you won't need to clean up their mess. Any cleaner who doesn't meet our minimum requirements day-in and day-out will not be cleaning your home.

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