My wife and I decided to leave our tech jobs and start our own business in 2018. We chose to open a cleaning business because it's what we did for so many years before we were building start-ups in silicon valley. And we wanted to do something that more directly helped people - both our employees and our clients.


Cleaning a home is physically demanding work and most companies don't pay those workers enough. We wanted to pay our employees an actual living wage plus benefits. We don't expect to change an entire industry - but we do believe in doing what we can when we can for those who have earned it. 


It's also important that we give back to the community. This is why we partnered with Cleaning for a Reason to provide free cleaning services to those going through cancer treatments. Learn more about Cleaning for a Reason here.

Working with startups did help us see how technology can help us save money on overhead though. This helps to keep our prices competitive while still investing in the things that really matter: people.

Our client support team is the friendliest around! We make sure we give all our employees flexible schedules so they can spend time with their families. We've supplied our cleaners with the best tools to ensure the job is done safely. They have to spend all day around cleaning chemicals and we want to ensure their health is protected. And we're constantly training everyone to ensure we're always up to date on the best techniques to clean a home.

It's this combination of customer experience, attention to detail, and quality of staff that we know you'll love about our company. 

We look forward to cleaning for you.

Amber & Fitz

Owners, Spring Into Clean

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